Summer Activity: Let’s Learn Nihonggo!

I've been interested in the Japanese language since I was in elementary. Why? How? I watch anime since I was in grade two (2). I remember watching Cardcaptor Sakura, Clamp School Detectives, Naruto (like that episode when Sasuke was kidnapped or taken by Orochimaru, haha!) and Ghosts at School (if you are familiar) and more. … Continue reading Summer Activity: Let’s Learn Nihonggo!


Relaxation: My body feels like mochi

mochi is a japanese snack or dessert made from glutinuous rice. Somewhat like our bilo-bilo in the Philippines. ❤ After a long day's work, you feel tired, with pain all over and you just want to put your feet up and lie down. I do. I have been feeling shoulder and back pains for months, … Continue reading Relaxation: My body feels like mochi

Food: A gastronomic journey through Pampanga cuisines

We were blessed enough to be introduced to a restaurant that serves authentic Pampangeño food made from scratch. Let me walk you through. The drink: Pandan cold tea. Refreshing, healthy and sweet. Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (Ratings are from 1-5 ❤) Pakbet rice. Paella style rice with veggies that are found in the Ilocano dish, pinakbet, topped … Continue reading Food: A gastronomic journey through Pampanga cuisines

Travel: Pampanga’s Balloons!

Good morning, Lubao, Pampanga! Pampanga (Philippines) is know for its annual Balloon Festivals. There was one held last February in Clark and another one held in Lubao last March. I was able to witness the one in Lubao. Lubao is about an hour drive from Clark. The venue in Clark is a lot wider than … Continue reading Travel: Pampanga’s Balloons!

Your Heart Nurse

Hi! This is your heart nurse. Heart nurse you may ask. I am a nurse but I am not working on the wards. I am assigned in a special area / unit where in it focuses only on the heart and blood vessels. We perform heart (cardio) related procedures like ECG (electrocardiogram), 2D Echocardiogram and … Continue reading Your Heart Nurse